A Work in Progress

Well, I’ve started working on my favorite quilting links page, the first of which is a whole bunch of links to free patterns found on the web. Maybe I should put each page separately? That might be easier than one giant page of links.

It’s Friday, and I’ve just read that our beloved playgroup coordinator wants to have the baby shower (for three woman all due around the same time!) on May 8. That’s one day before my birthday! My big 4-0 birthday. Oh well, that means I need to get two more baby quilts done before then. This is the first one I finished. It’s a rag quilt for one of the three who doesn’t want to know the sex of the baby before he/she is born (but I’m thinking boy here). I went with bright colors, and included a fabric of VW Bugs because her husband gave her a new one last year. This was a fun, quick, quilt-as-you-go quilt that only took me about 5 hours from start to finish.

The front of the quilt (raggy side)

The back of the quilt (smooth side); I like how it’s reversible, too.

A closeup of the bug fabric.

It’s Friday, and my plan for the weekend is to move my quilting table, machine and everything into our master bedroom. Sigh. I thought that when we moved into this big old house, I’d be able to have my own quilting space in the washroom, but it turns out that there are big spaces between the roof and the walls and that the door from the washroom to the garage is only a screen door (and the garage doesn’t have a garage door), and it’s so dusty here where we moved (Grecia, Costa Rica, in case you’re wondering), that I have dust all over everything in my “workroom.” Dust on my fabric, dust on my machine, dust on my table, dust dust dust everywhere. I feel like I may have a small inkling of what pioneers who lived through the Dust Bowl felt. So, my sewing room is coming out of there and into the master bedroom. Fine by me. At least it’s not dusty in there!


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