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Batiks, batiks!

I haven’t met a batik yet that I didn’t love. They are just gorgeous, and if you’ve ever wondered what goes into making batik fabric, check out this cool slideshow that I just found today from Robert Kaufman (for their Artisan Batiks line):

Tour the Lunn Studios Batik-Making Process

Batiks in Costa Rica are few and far between. You certainly won’t find them at the “old bolts” store (as I like to call my favorite shop that specializes in unsold fabric bolts — around $2 a yard for quality quilting fabric). When you do find them, they’re expensive. So they are a real treat to myself when I do break down and buy one (the last being a beautiful dark green leaf print by Princess Mirah Design at about $18 a yard).

I’m thinking of trying my hand at fabric dyeing. If anyone reading this has done fabric dyeing and has some hints for me, I’d appreciate hearing them! Any good books on the subject, what kinds of fabric dyes to buy, etc. Actually I don’t even know if I can get anything besides Rit dye down here! But hey, you do the best with what you have to work with, right?



Some pretty new (and free!) quilt patterns

Boy, have I got to get back to quilting! I still have two baby quilts to finish up, and now another two to start on. Plus, I keep seeing so many new cute quilt patterns. So many quilts, so little time… Work just seems to get in the way of quilting, you know?

Here are some new patterns I’ve seen lately that you might enjoy also. Click on the pictures to go to the patterns.

“Abstractions” by Fabri-Quilt:

“Classic Red” by Fabri-Quilt:

“Flowers and Feathers” by Susan McDermott for Windham Fabrics (opens a PDF):

“Autumn Leaves” by Wilmington Prints (hard to see this one in the image below, but trust me, it’s really pretty! and it looks super easy! This link also opens a PDF):

“Cotton Candy” by Sweetwater for Clothworks:

“Lindsay” by Karen Montgomery for Timeless Treasures:

There are a bunch of great new patterns over at Moda as well; the thumbnails are so small that it’s hard to see the quilts, but if you click on them they’ll bring up a PDF file. Here’s just one:


All right, that should keep all of us “in stitches” for a while! 🙂

Happy Quilting,