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Black, White and Pink All Over

Here’s the latest baby quilt I made for a friend, whose shower was yesterday. Yay! I finally finished one before the baby is born!

Black, White and Pink All Over

Black, White and Pink All Over

That’s my little guy on the left, and my husband on the right. I actually have another pic of this quilt where you can see my husband’s face, but like me, he hates having his picture taken! 🙂 It’s hard to see from this picture, but I used a very cute black, white and pink kitty fabric that I’d bought quite some time ago but hadn’t made anything with. I thought it was perfect for my friend because she’s having a little girl and she has two kitties of her own. (She loved it!)

I used a pattern from Dianne Hire‘s book, Quilters Playtime: Games With Fabric. “Musical Chairs” basically has you taking a stack of fabrics (I used 9), cutting them twice up and twice across, and then reassembling them into blocks. Then you put them together any way you like. I did them three to a row with a row of solid blue inbetween each row of blocks.

To finish this baby quilt quickly, I also used a couple of tricks that are certainly not new, but new to me! Binding is one of those things that I just cannot stand doing (and it takes me forever!). So this time I decided to “birth” the quilt, using the pillowcase binding method. If you’ve never tried this before and hate binding a quilt like I do, I highly suggest giving this method a go! It’s really quick and simple. Basically you layer the quilt top, backing and binding in a certain order, sew 1/4″ all the way around (leaving an opening to turn the quilt right-side out), and flip it out, finish the seam, and then sew another 1/4″ around. I think that the next time I do this, I will add a 3/4″ strip to the outside of the quilt top, so that when I sew the final seam, it will fake looking like an actual binding. I’ll let you know how that turns out. 😉

The other thing I did was to tie the quilt with yarn instead of quilting it. This took a couple of hours in front of the t.v., as opposed to several more hours behind a sewing machine. I like the way it came out, and was definitely one of the quicker baby quilts I’ve put together (though it still took me about 8 hours total).