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Baby Quilt #2

Today I started on baby quilt #2, which is for a boy. I played around with half-square string blocks in Electric Quilt, and came up with something along these lines:

Then I did the blue string blocks, which looked like this before being cut (ew!):

And after (much better!):

Tomorrow I’ll cut out the solid blocks and it should be pretty quick to put the heart of the top together.

My son and I also made his very first quilt today! He’s 3, so it was quite an accomplishment. He picked out a background fabric, which I cut about the size of a sheet of paper, and then told me what colors he wanted to use. So I used fusible web on the back of several pieces of fabric, cut them up into different shapes, and let him stick them to the background. Then I fused the pieces down and let him color all over it with my fabric markers. I finished the quilt for him by quilting, backing, and binding it and adding a label. He was so proud! Hey, if you’ve got one of those kids that always wants to “help” you quilt, this is a great project for them! Older kids could make actual pictures and cut out their own shapes themselves. It was fun and a great way for him to pass the time while Mom was busy making those string blocks! Not that I can take all the credit for this idea, though. I picked up Laura Wasilowski’s book Fusing Fun and thought, hmmm, this could work with kids, too!