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For the Crafty Mama in your life

Happy Mother’s Day to all the crafty mamas out there! Like a lot of you crafty people, I am sure I got the sewing/crafting bug from my mother and grandmother (grandfather, actually, but that’s another story!). My grandmother was the quilter in the family, having learned it from my grandfather. My mom didn’t quilt, but she could sew up a storm like nobody’s business. Really, she could make just about any type of clothing or costume a girl could want. One year I wanted to be Scarlet O’Hara for Halloween, and she made the velvet dress perfectly. Another year I went to a Renaissance Faire and needed a costume, and she made me a dress that was to die for. (Literally. I used it as Anne Boelyn that Halloween as well! 🙂 ) At the Ren Faire, I got called “my lady” and all the gentlemen bowed when I walked by. It was wonderful! I wish I had some photos to show you, because those costumes are just amazing. Maybe my mom will read this, realize she has some photos, and send them to me.

Now, I can’t sew up clothes to save my life. I once tried to make a simple pair of non-pleated, straight-leg hippie pants, and couldn’t even get those right. And I measured myself and everything. My mom, though, can kind of eyeball it and get it right. I take more after my grandparents in the crafty area, as quilting really is my passion, as it was theirs. My son likes quilting, too, but he also likes doing any other kind of craft we come up with. I found a great free pattern for passport covers, and plan on him and I making some this week in anticipation of his first trip to Disneyworld in September.

Another great thing I got from my mom was that DIY attitude. It was basically just  me and her growing up (with my grandparents living a street over from us), so almost anything around the house that needed done, she did it. From gardening to fixing electrical and plumbing to building a deck and putting up siding, that was my mom! When I see the prices for some things, I’m as likely to say “I can do that!” as I am to pay someone else to do it. But, for example, when my son needed an art smock for school, I couldn’t find one I liked and did find a free pattern online, so I just made my own. Thanks for that, Mom!

So Happy Mother’s Day to all you crafty moms and your crafty moms! Don’t forget to tell her thanks, and maybe even do something crafty together today!