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How I spent my Christmas vacation

First, I fringed the back of my son’s jeans and polar fleece quilt, washed it, giving it that sufficiently “raggy” look, and gave it to him for Christmas (he loves it):


And a closeup of the ragged edges:

back of raggy quilt closeup

Then I made a row for Project Linus, using Quiltmaker’sLotsa Pops” pattern. I’m sending it after the first, when postage from Costa Rica goes down slightly. Here are two of the blocks. I noticed a mistake on the pattern, FYI, if you decide to make a row or a whole quilt. On page 4, which has the paper piecing pattern for the double ice pop, the rectangle B should be 1″ x 3-1/2″, not 1″ x 3″ as it states. But you’d probably notice that when you made the block anyway. This one reminds me of an orange creamsicle (mmm….):

orange creamsicle

This one reminds me of one of those strawberry crunch pops the ice cream man sold from his truck (amazingly, there are still ice cream men here in Costa Rica! I got my son a fudgesicle from the ice cream man last week, in fact):

Double ice pop

And finally, I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a while — I made something out of a sheet my MIL gave my husband and I years ago. It had beautiful embroidery on it, but it just didn’t fit in with our decor (and the cotton was heavy for a sheet in C.R.). A few months ago, I was going through some back issues of McCall’s Quick Quilts and found a pattern for making placemats out of vintage linens and 30’s prints (the March 2005 issue). Ah-ha! Lightbulb moment. So I cut up the sheet, using plain parts of the sheet as backing, low-loft cotton batting, and random strips of small and medium country-esque prints (I didn’t have many 30’s prints here at all). I think they came out super cute, and while I was making these, I also thought that you wouldn’t even need to use vintage linens to make this project. With all of the embroidery machines out there, if you have one of those, you could just embroider a vintage motif and use that instead. Or, how cute would these be for Christmas? Maybe with redwork embroidery and Christmas strips? So many ideas, so little time! As you can see, I still need to bind them, but I did at least square them up. So they’re almost ready to go:

vintage placemats

I still have the center piece of the sheet, which is a beautiful embroidered peacock surrounded by flowers. I couldn’t bear to cut it up. I may just frame it as artwork, which is what it is, really. Or perhaps use it as a center piece in a medallion quilt…

What projects did you get to work on over the holidays?

Happy New Year, everyone!